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We believe Awards Marketing is the number one form of marketing. Just look at the many car and telephone company  TV commercials and print ads!  You're "Rated #1" and voila! attention comes your way. We also believe that Awards Marketing gives you the biggest bang for your buck - win once and put it out there for years to come!

Why Awards Marketing?

In addition to Awards Packages, we specialize in Awards Plans. These are year-long or multiple-years-long Plans that take into consideration what will work best for you in order to create the most powerful Awards Marketing Program possible. The focus is always on winning. Free Consultation available to the seriously interested.

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Awards Packages

​​Awards Plans

Melissa Sones Consulting is the #1 Awards Marketing Company in the U.S. Over 80% of those we have entered for the leading U.S. business awards have won something.

​​If you want to win, you want to work with us.

We select the best awards for you. We select the best categories for you. And we believe we are the best at the all-important selection - and writing - process. We see it as an art, not a craft.  Over 90% of our clients - from individuals to corporations of all sizes - come back for more.  Free consultation on request to those seriously interested.